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Adiantum consultant-e
offers various services related to canadian natural health product regulation
and license application (NPN).

Every product sold in Canada must bear a Natural Product Number (NPN). An application for a NPN must be submitted to Health Canada together with all the requisite documentation. The process can often seem long and complex.

Regulation services

Product license application preparation in electronic format.

Detailed finished product specification sheet redaction.

Efficacy and safety report redaction.

Request to add ingredients to the natural health
products ingredients database.


Draft/revision of the label text.

Prepare notification or modification requests.

Response to an information notice request from Health Canada.

Other services related to the natural health products regulation
or quality control and assurance may be offered.

Adiantum offers you a
complete range of services
in order to help you realize
all your projects
with efficiency.

To be chosen according to your needs or a turnkey formula.

  • Formulation
    The Adiantum team is here to help you create the formula that’s best adapted for your project. Samples can always be produced before the final manufacturing stage.
  • Sourcing raw materials
    We work with a broad network of suppliers all around the world, so we can take care of sourcing whatever raw materials you need.
  • Powder mixing
    We can mix all types of powders at our factory facility and have a grinding mill if required.
  • Encapsulation
    We are able to manufacture various types of capsules from size 00 to 2, coloured or colourless, vegetarian or gelatin shells.
  • Powder packaging
    Our facilities enable us to package a range of products in powder form in various container sizes.
  • Bottling
    We bottle your products—hard capsules, gel caps or tablets—to your specifications and offer a wide variety of containers to choose from.
  • Labelling
    We can affix your labels to product containers manually or automatically, and can also stamp the batch number, expiration date and Natural Product Number (NPN) on the package.
  • Packaging
    Your finished products can be packaged according to your specifications, such as cardboard trays, shipping cartons, etc.
  • Regulation
    We offer an assistance service to help you navigate Health Canada requirements for the regulation and approval of your products. < See list below
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